What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy.  It is based upon the premise that this energy flows through us all but when it is low we are more likely to feel stressed or become ill but when it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. For this reason, Reiki treats the whole body on all levels, physical, emotional and mental and creates a feeling of inner peace, security and well-being.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

Treatment is given through clothing through the gentle placement of hands in a series of positions which cover the whole body, front and back.  The positive energy is transferred from the Reiki practitioner to you to help rebalance your body and mind.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing is a gentle yet effective energy based therapy which works with the natural energy of crystals to improve health and wellbeing.  Throughout history, these precious gifts from Mother Earth have been prized for their beauty and power and were revered by healers, shamans and priests for their mystical and healing properties.

Crystals are able to transmit, absorb, amplify and direct energy which makes them an ideal partner to balance our own energetic systems.  When placed on and around the body they have the ability to ease pain, reduce stress and tension, help with anxiety and depression, bring clarity of mind and ultimately create balance and harmony on every level of being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  During a crystal therapy session you may be aware of various sensations such as tingling or temperature changes, you may see colours or imagery.  Sometimes emotions can surface in the form of tears or laughter.  You may feel so relaxed that you drift off completely!  All this is quite normal and a sign that the crystals are assisting you to let go of anything that no longer serves you, leaving you feeling much lighter, brighter and more peaceful.